Speciality Coffee

For all of our coffees (including our bubble coffees!) we use speciality coffee beans sourced from the Ahuachapán region of El Salvador.

Farm: Finca Y Beneficio Buena Vista
Region: El Anonal, Atiquizaya – Ahuachapán
Producer: Ricardo Lima
Mill: Beneficio Buena
Altitude: 1250-1550 meters above sea level

It’s organically grown and certified direct trade, which means the farmers get a much fairer wage that fair-trade, it is then supplied to use through Clifton Coffee. We’re confident that you’ll love our coffee.

Everything Can Be Iced!

As with all our drinks, just let us know how you want it. We’ll try our best to accommodate every request! Almost all of our coffee menu drinks can be iced (including the hot chocolates and chai) and there are a whole load of syrups you can use to customise them. Sugar free syrup options and decaf are available.

We also use our coffee in a wide range of frappés and you can swap tea for coffee in any of our milky bubble teas!