About Us


Bubblebase was born from the love of authentic bubble tea and healthy frozen yoghurt. After sampling each product on 4 different continents and craving Bubble Tea for over 12 months, we just had to bring it to Wales! The decision was made to create Bubblebase; The home of great bubble tea & frozen yoghurt. We were Wales’ first bubble tea bar (a fact we’re very proud of!) since then we’ve been waiting  to share our love and enthusiasm for these fantastic products with you. Come and try some of the best flavours available, and enjoy the refreshing bubble teas that are created right in front of you! Our super friendly staff are always around to help you out and share their bubble tea knowledge, so we’ll always find the perfect flavour for you!

There’s No Corporate Chain Hiding Behind Us!

We are a small, totally independent, local company. Therefore, your thoughts and comments are really important to us. If you have anything you’d like to share, please head over to the Contact Us page to get in touch!