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Can You Drink Bubble Tea While Pregnant?

The answer to this question is yes, you can drink bubble tea while pregnant provided that it is made with pasteurised juice or milk.

This comes down to the fact that it’s not perceived as safe to drink either unpasteurised juice or unpasteurised milk when you’re pregnant.

Unpasteurised milk, also known as raw milk, is milk that hasn’t been pasteurised to kill off any harmful bacteria. As a result, it carries dangerous germs, including E. coli and Salmonella, and therefore puts you at a higher risk as a pregnant person. The same principle applies to juice.

That said, as someone who is pregnant you will still need to be wary of a few things when drinking bubble tea. Factors to be wary of when drinking bubble tea include:

  1. The caffeine content
  2. The sugar content 
  3. Pasteurisation 

1. The Caffeine Content

The first factor you’ll need to be wary of when drinking bubble tea whilst pregnant is the caffeine content.

Generally speaking, you shouldn’t consume more than 200 mg of caffeine a day when you’re pregnant.  So, when you intend on drinking bubble tea, you will need to factor it into your daily caffeine intake.

The amount of caffeine depends on the bubble tea in question, as there are various types. For instance, there is an average of 47 mg of caffeine in black tea, while green teas tend to contain 20-45 mg.

While fruit bubble tea contains less caffeine than black Assam tea, it’s wise to be aware of the caffeine content of all types of bubble tea when you’re pregnant so you aren’t at risk of consuming too much.

It’s also important to note that the caffeine content of bubble tea will vary depending on the amount of time it spends steeping as well as the amount of water used amongst other factors. 

A pregnant person holds baby shoes to their baby bump.
You can drink bubble tea whilst pregnant provided that the milk or juice that it is made with has been pasteurised.

2. The Sugar Content 

When you’re pregnant, you should be wary of how much sugar you’re consuming, and this also applies to the beverages you consume.

Excess sugar consumption during pregnancy can lead to issues such as weight gain and increase the likelihood of developing diabetes, as well as a variety of other health problems.

It’s important to be mindful of the sugar content in your bubble tea, as it can become deceptively sugary when you add in sweeteners and sugary toppings such as coconut gel, increasing both the sugar and calorie content.  

As there is a vast array of bubble tea flavours and sweeteners, it’s good to know what’s going into your bubble tea when you’re pregnant.

While the menu in most bubble tea shops is extensive and has lots of delicious choices, it’s best to keep the added sugar to a minimum.

Although it’s encouraged to treat yourself every now and again, it’s good to keep an eye on your daily sugar content to ensure you’re remaining as healthy as possible throughout your pregnancy. This way, you can still enjoy bubble tea whilst pregnant.

Bubble tea.
You should be wary of the additional sugars in bubble tea, including sweeteners and sugary toppings, when you are pregnant.

3. Pasteurisation 

The last factor that you will need to consider when you’re drinking bubble tea during pregnancy is the pasteurisation of the milk as well as the fruit juice.

Bubble tea can be ordered with both milk tea or fruit juice, both of which can be unpasteurised.

Raw juice and raw milk are not safe for you to consume when you’re pregnant, as they both contain harmful bacteria.

Regardless of whether you’re ordering milk bubble tea or fruit bubble tea, you will need to ensure that either the milk or the juice that has been used to make your bubble tea has been pasteurised whilst you’re pregnant. 

If you’re unsure, be sure to ask before you order at your local bubble tea shop.

How To Order Bubble Tea When Pregnant 

  • Always check if the milk and fruit juice has been pasteurised.
  • Minimise the amount of sweetener that you add to your bubble tea.  
  • Opt for a smaller serving size.
  • Try to keep any sugary toppings to a minimum.
A pregnant person makes a heart with their hands on their pregnant stomach.
If you're ordering bubble tea when pregnant, be sure to keep the sugar content to a minimum and ensure that the juice or milk has been pasteurised.

Hopefully this article has given you a better idea of how you can drink bubble tea safely whilst pregnant.

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Written by Jemima Thomas for Bubblebase.

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